Monday, November 01, 2010

John Stewart’s Speech at the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear

I liked Jon's speech. A day before the rally I listened to a recording of Jon Stewart's first show after 911. It gave me a nice perspective about the importance and need of a sane political rally.

Both of Jon's speeches had a similar message. The message is that we are all American and that we stand together. During the last few months I have been getting so worked up listening to the news. The political scene, as reported, is composed of opposing armies bringing this country down. The feelings of animosity between the political parties, candidates, alleged grass root groups, etc. can be contagious and sometimes these emotions and assumptions filter down into my everyday life. My life has enough wear and tear without extremist thoughts worming their way into my head.

Jon Stewart, a talented comedian, took the higher ground yesterday and used his popularity for the greater good. He had an audience far larger then the rally attendees and he some good things to say about the real americans.