Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An email from Paul-Joe

We are going back in time to "The Block". I pasted the first email created for the West 11th Street alumni directly below. Mike Piazza

" Dear Friends,

I am happy to report that due to my recent re-acquaintance with my old and good friend Mike
Let me also say how rewarding it is to see our February 2006 reunion gaining momentum, with the group adding such critical components as the long lost Mike Piazza. The only downside to Mike is that his memory of past deeds seems to be pretty good, which may have some of us in denial mode. Nevertheless, there is something very special about old friends, and certainly about the bond we all created on that common but unique corner we all call "The Block." I wish I were there to share these experiences with all of you, but I will gain comfort in knowing that time will come, and the next reunion will be bigger and better than ever, even if Fazio behaves himself.

Hope to speak with you all soon.

In Friendship,

Paul "